The Truth About This Political Season

So here we are, another political season and for the first-time in my life, it seems I'm watching a film dreamed up in my own head on how it should be.   That's right, it's like the Truth Gods have had enough and said, "We're going to make everyone be true to who they are."   Let me explain.

It is no secret that both Republicans and Democrats have said things to get elected.  Things that really make no sense and were out-right LIES.  And where better to start than George Bush.   He said stuff like, "I'm a uniter...," "Compassionate Conservative..." etc.  Yeah, if the true police were out there they would have forced him to tell the truth:  "You are either with me or against me...,"  "I got mine now you get yours...."

You get my drift.   So, here we are today.   On the Republican side you have a bigot (Trump), a guy who believes the state should be run my Jesus and fuck the Muslims and other non-believers (Cruz), and on the Democratic side, the first Fox News Democrat, Hilary Clinton, and what-the-fuck, our first  real liberal ever (Bernie).

Well, I for one think it is time we give the liberals a chance.   Why the fuck not.   This country has never had a liberal president and the other side had lied and called Clinton and Obama liberals just to make the word bad.   But, now, Bernie is talking about real liberal issues and the other side can only keep on keeping on with their fucked up logic of hate.  

and that's the truth

Dr. TVboogie

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