More proof the Republican Party is falling apart.

This is fucked up.   I just read this complete article on a Yahoo page about the Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, who said he will veto the racist HB757 bill that allows religious-minded racist the right to refuse to do a same-sex weddings based on their religious beliefs.  What is fucked up about this article is that nowhere in the article do they mention what party the guy is.  You know, the "R" or "D" by his name.

Is this lack of detail really just bad writing, or was  done intentionally?  There wasn't even a fucking link to his .gov sight (as I have done for you).   I mean, the story changes based on which party he is a member of.  If he is a Republican it is more proof the Republican Party is falling apart.  If he is a Democrat, more proof the Democrats are finally growing balls/ballets.  
Just did a google search: yep, more proof the Republican party is falling apart and the Democrats still don't have any balls/ballets.

Yeah, feel the bern baby.  (He's a Republican.)

Trumps wall in a 1958 tv series? Tell me it isn't so.

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