My comments on the Paris Attacks - Je suis Pissed!

You know, we've seen it before:  terrorist attacks like the nuts who put gas on that train in Japan or the IRA nuts who blasted a nail-bomb in the Queens Garden -- to name two.   I was saddened as I've tried to understand those.   This attach on Paris, however, has left me with an anger as if I just watched a beautiful woman being attached by a thug.  I guess it is the "Paris is a Lady" thing, you know, the femininity of her spirit which has been written about by Hume, Proust, and Wilde.   Yes, the feminine nature in all of us.

Therefore, I must now say to those who have done this:  I'm done trying to understand you, now it is time for revenge.   We will revenge her.   Watch yourself.   

Viva la france!

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