1984 = 2015

Watching the CNN News feed on this television screen at a McDonald's is so 1984. 

“This breaking news in from Africa,” says the talking head, “… four attached…  details coming out now….”  Then, “Back to Paris with new information on the terrorist attacks.”  And it goes on and on just as Mr. Orwell said it would.

When I read George Orwell’s 1984 in the 70's, I pictured Big Brother as a man on a television screen that could be turned off and I wondered why anyone would listen to a despot so intently.  Now I see how, information, information we need to keep our minds off of tomorrow's problems.  And as I type this message from a Mcdonnalds restaurant with its new-age plastic seats and sytoformed cartoned plates, I realize, War is Peace and Love is Hate.   It’s all clear now as my coffee gets cold.

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