Yes, Thanksgiving, that American day of feast we originally celebrated with Native Americans as we plotted their demise by stuffing them with Tryptophan, which just happens to be the same amino acid found in many sleeping potions of day such as Spirulina, which, any warlock of the day would have told you (if asked instead of burned), to be wary of for those feeding you Törökország, for it is  sleeping potion known to make one sleepy before the night -- and also, will eventually help in avoiding boring-ass American Football games on the telly.

So, as you raise your glass and say a prayer with those who are feeding you Turkey, be cautious of your nap.  Or should I say, What's In Your Teepee?

Dr. TVBoogie

1984 = 2015

Watching the CNN News feed on this television screen at a McDonald's is so 1984. 

“This breaking news in from Africa,” says the talking head, “… four attached…  details coming out now….”  Then, “Back to Paris with new information on the terrorist attacks.”  And it goes on and on just as Mr. Orwell said it would.

When I read George Orwell’s 1984 in the 70's, I pictured Big Brother as a man on a television screen that could be turned off and I wondered why anyone would listen to a despot so intently.  Now I see how, information, information we need to keep our minds off of tomorrow's problems.  And as I type this message from a Mcdonnalds restaurant with its new-age plastic seats and sytoformed cartoned plates, I realize, War is Peace and Love is Hate.   It’s all clear now as my coffee gets cold.

My comments on the Paris Attacks - Je suis Pissed!

You know, we've seen it before:  terrorist attacks like the nuts who put gas on that train in Japan or the IRA nuts who blasted a nail-bomb in the Queens Garden -- to name two.   I was saddened as I've tried to understand those.   This attach on Paris, however, has left me with an anger as if I just watched a beautiful woman being attached by a thug.  I guess it is the "Paris is a Lady" thing, you know, the femininity of her spirit which has been written about by Hume, Proust, and Wilde.   Yes, the feminine nature in all of us.

Therefore, I must now say to those who have done this:  I'm done trying to understand you, now it is time for revenge.   We will revenge her.   Watch yourself.   

Viva la france!

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