Donald Trump bought my vote in a Tijuana dream.

I dreamed of Donald Trump last night.   In my dream he broke into a meeting I was in, or lecture I was watching --you know how dreams are.   Anyway, I was sitting on the front row in a metal-fordable chair when Mr. Trump busted in and barked an order to me and the guy sitting next to me as he handed us each 2 lottery scratch-off tickets and said something like, "Write me what happens."

Well, next thing I knew I was cashing in the winning tickets wondering what to write?  

Okay, so yes, I do have to analyze this dream.   Here goes:

I am feeling guilty for the thoughts I've had on immigration lately.   That is to say, I have always welcomed foreigners.   I mean, being half-Jew (the half that don't count), I've always felt like a foreigner wherever I went and so, have felt at home around foreigners.   Unfortunately, I remember thinking the other day how frustrated I was with all the Spanish being spoken today from people who are not at all interested in learning English --nor do they speak very good Spanish.   I mean, I want Mexicans to come to the US and appreciate all they do in escaping Mexico and it's illiteracy, corruption, and poverty.   However, leave those things in Mexico when you come.   Years ago when I was in the Navy I remember going to Tijuana have fun.   It seems now Tijuana is here.   This was never more prevalent than when I ordered a coffee at McDonalds the other day and the workers laughed at me for not understanding the Mexican chatter in the background.   WTF!   I mean, I'm not opposed to changing English to something else like French, but poorly spoken Spanish.   Fuck no.

So, now you know my secret thoughts on immigration.   And yes, somehow Donald Trump fits in there.  And yes, I will be buying 2 scratch offs today, one will be the crossword and the other bingo.  I remember those from my dream.   And if I hit it big, I mean really big, then I will consider my vote bought and paid for by Mr. Trump and vote for him with the understanding his stance on illegal immigrations has nothing to do with it.

More later. 

Tijuana Suburbs

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