Political Psychos To Keep Our Minds Off Of Our Troubles.

What is up with this Donald Trump shit?  I can't figure if he is a Republican or Democratic implant to shave off the 3 percentage points needed to win a presidential election in today's 50/50 voting populace, where 3 percentage points will be the deciding factor between another Bush or Clinton.  There is no question this is the role of Donald Trump, but the question is: for whom does the Psycho toll?  That is to say, which party benefits from his Psychoneuroses?   On the one hand I see Trump drawing in voter's interest for a Republican party with about as much character as a chalk-drawing at a crime scene; on the other hand I see Trump adding a constant reminder to us as to why we even have the Democratic Party: The Anyone-But-Him/Her party.

Some say Donald Trump is just for Donald Trump, but I can't believe this.  Mr. Trump is an insider pulling strings, just like all money people before him have:  Rockefeller, DuPont, Vanderbilt, and most shamefully, the Koch Brothers (or should I say the, "Keep On Creating Hype 'KOCH' brothers).

One thing is for certain:  Donald Trump is a distraction, and just as the Roman Empire needed their Colosseum of Death to distract them from the reality of the crumbling walls around them, we have Donald Trump, Charles Koch, and Frederick Koch to divert our attention from the tumbling democracy around us.  Yes, it's a real mother fucker no matter how you look at it: political psychos to keep our minds off of our troubles.  Nothing new here people.

Dr TVBoogie

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