Imagines of hate replaced with Pluto love

So many symbols in the news today:

First, we have the news about the Confederate flags being taken down (by court order) from the few city buildings in the South still flapping them. 

And yes, I have to admit it is about time they took the foreign flags down.  I mean, I see no difference in the "Confederate Flags" flapping over U.S. buildings than I do Mexican flags on the back of a pickup trucks beside very curvy women in most compromising positions: they are both foreign to me.

Another "hate" emblem in the news is the the Washington Red Skin emblem. 

Yes, the Red Skin emblem has been deemed racist and so the Washington team which hasn't really needed an emblem since Joe Gibbs left,  can still wear it, but they can't own it.  Seems no one can own the rights to racist images: they are free to us all.

Finally, there is the NASA image of Pluto.

Yes, the first up-close photo of Pluto and is seems there is a giant heart stamped at the bottom corner of the planet.  Kind of strange that as we approach this image of love we are leaving behind the aforementioned images of hate.

Coincidental?  Yeah, right, only someone holding on to "hate" would believe that.

Political Psychos To Keep Our Minds Off Of Our Troubles.

What is up with this Donald Trump shit?  I can't figure if he is a Republican or Democratic implant to shave off the 3 percentage points needed to win a presidential election in today's 50/50 voting populace, where 3 percentage points will be the deciding factor between another Bush or Clinton.  There is no question this is the role of Donald Trump, but the question is: for whom does the Psycho toll?  That is to say, which party benefits from his Psychoneuroses?   On the one hand I see Trump drawing in voter's interest for a Republican party with about as much character as a chalk-drawing at a crime scene; on the other hand I see Trump adding a constant reminder to us as to why we even have the Democratic Party: The Anyone-But-Him/Her party.

Some say Donald Trump is just for Donald Trump, but I can't believe this.  Mr. Trump is an insider pulling strings, just like all money people before him have:  Rockefeller, DuPont, Vanderbilt, and most shamefully, the Koch Brothers (or should I say the, "Keep On Creating Hype 'KOCH' brothers).

One thing is for certain:  Donald Trump is a distraction, and just as the Roman Empire needed their Colosseum of Death to distract them from the reality of the crumbling walls around them, we have Donald Trump, Charles Koch, and Frederick Koch to divert our attention from the tumbling democracy around us.  Yes, it's a real mother fucker no matter how you look at it: political psychos to keep our minds off of our troubles.  Nothing new here people.

Dr TVBoogie

Letter from Pluto

Being a Scorpio, a child of Pluto if you will, this NASA space probe that is about to snap photos of me is precocious to say the very least.  Left alone all these years, you now want to orbit me, and I dare say I’m not ready.  Yes, I’m shy and well, still a little sensitive from having been downgraded from a "planet" to a “dwarf.”  Is that even politically correct to say?  I guess it is better than being called a rock and removed from the astronomical map altogether.  I’m shocked you want to have a look at me at all.  Obviously I don’t like attention or I wouldn’t reside so far away from the sun.  Yes, I am the observer who is now being observed and not sure I like it.   Why? You will soon see, you and your probing tools.  And so I ask: what is it you wish to see?   What is it you need to know?  I’m the gatekeeper, this will surprise you. And, as you will soon find out,  I have ports, pathways, and moons, and if you get close enough, you may even find out I have a pulse. 

It’s cold out here, as you will see.  Cold and dark.  Particles of nowhere.

What are you doing here? 

I’m the planet Pluto,
you know.

1935 nude college girls are hot!

That's right.  I found this footage from the Cornell University 1935 twenty-year reunion held in 1955.   Wow, no racist Anne Colter here folks.  Another point to ponder is that the Candid Camera guy, Allen Funt was going to school at the time.   Hmmm.  I'm just saying...


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