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My return-to-youth thing really just happened out of boredom.  My whole life has been that way, you know, like the old “Dead” song:  “Get tired of traveling you want to settle down...get settled you want to travel….”  Life has been that way for me, I use to run in the mornings four times a week, when I got tired of that, I started hanging in bars doing coke, got tired of that, went back to running.  Got married, got tired, got a divorce, fell in love, got married, etc..

I’m presently on a health kick.  I’ve quite smoking and started riding a bike, and of course, daily meditations with a little yoga.  I have also worked on my mind with books on aging. 

Is it working?  Well, today for the first time in thirty years I have a zit on my face.  Yes, a prom-ruining zit.  Only, unlike when I was in high school and had to sneak through the drug store for Zit Cream (and a copy of National Lampoon for the breast shots), I am not covering this zit up.  I’m letting it hang out there.  Look at me …

The Dog I Gave Away

So I got a dog several months ago; he was exactly what I wanted too.  I mean, I had never had a better match with another living thing since I dated that liberal college professor from Austin -- only this dog never barked.  So what was the problem?  Well, for the first time in my life, I was allergic to something other than Texas air and an unknown bird feather I’ve only had the pleasure of sleeping on once with this otherwise, bad-ass one night stand — I’m certain the ‘one night’ had to do with her rushing me to the hospital to see why I was struggling for air.  She thought it was something I was on.

Anyway, I tried every allergy medicine out there to keep my eyes from itching from dog hairs: Claritin, Zyrtec, and nose sprays, and the only thing that worked was antihistamine.  Which meant I was always seconds away from sleep.  The universe had spoken:  this dog is not for you, and being the enlightened couch potato I am, I knew enough from watching Gaiamtv that by holding onto bad…