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So, here I am starting over, really.  I’m doing things in my late 40’s that others are doing at 20:  started a $10.00 an hour job, struggling pay-check-to-pay-check, driving a piece-of-shit 30 year old car.  Need I go on.  Okay, I will: and I don't have a girlfriend.  There, I said it.

Unfortunately, I’m not here by accident.  I left a successful cubicle existance making 70k a year to be here.  I could have gone back to another grey cubicle making a lot more money than I am now, but I decided to go into another direction.  (Yes, this blogging thing was one I had hoped might give me a few dollars a month in income.  So far, to date, about 30 cents... ever!)  I know, write about something someone gives-a-shit about like sports or the Kardashians...  Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.

Yes, I had the corporate thing down and was doing fine: five-days a week with one or two paid sick-days a month from being hung-over trying to drink myself the motivation to go to work the next day.  So, I'm not drinking now.  I have one beer and it taste like, well, cubicle piss -- that is, if cubicles could pee. 

I’ve been watching a lot of Gaiam TV when I do come home and hit the bed, exhausted, sore from standing on my feet for ten hours.   And think I figured out what my problem is:  patience.  I believe this is what I am suppose to learn from this life and once I do, it will all make sense and I will have reached my Nirvana t.  Even the Tarot tells me so: Yes, I keep drawing the Temperance card regarding such things as current situation and how I got here. 

Anyway, this is all jibberish.  I even lost what talent I had of presenting thoughts coherently to writing in circles.  Did I mention this $10.00 an hour job is the hardest job I’ve had since I was fourteen working at a fast-food restaurant.  At least then, I had a girlfriend then.

So that’s all the blogging I can do today.   

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