Saturday, May 26, 2018

Who are these people preaching

"my way or the highway?"

They are worse than bad poetry.

                        -- Dr TV Boogie

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

If you believe the following you are stupider than you vote:

“We have to break up families,” Trump claimed, because of “bad laws that the Democrats gave us.”

Yes, Donald Tic-Tac-Breath Trump said that.   Really, at least own up to your Build A Wall and Deport them policies you are so proud of at your "Lock Her Up Rallies?" 

There, I said it.  

What you looking at?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

OK, truth seekers, you are really going to like what I have to say today.   One word:  Crazy.
J. Frank Norris grew up in a dilapidated shack in Texas and ended up being a great Man-of-God.  In his prime he worked two church's, one in Fort Worth Texas and the other, in Detroit Michigan.  Besides spiting hateful words against liberals, Catholics, and woman, he actually shot a Catholic man who had come to him to complain about some hateful things the good reverend had said about the Catholic mayor of Fort Worth.  As justice would have it, Norris claimed self-defense and was acquitted by an all Baptist jury.

Yes, some things in religion never change.

The Financial District’s “hard-hat” riot of 1970

On this day in 1970, construction workers who had nothing better to do went down to the local antiwar demonstration in New York city and kicked-the-shit out of a group of peace-nix bastards.  Never mind the fact that everyone in the world knew at the time that the war was a lost cause and the war protesters weren't fighting against America, but for it, the construction workers took a few more years before they too joined in the protest.


Another example of how we attract trouble into our lives, can be read from the journal of Elizabeth Pringle, May 8th, 1905.  
Elizabeth Pringle
Mrs. R., one of the loveliest women in our community, was struck by lightning during the storm last evening.  She had always had a great terror of lightning, though in every other respect she was a fearless woman, so that her family always gathered round her during a storm and tried as much as possible to shut out the sight and sound.  On this occasion her husband and daughter were sitting one on each side of her on an old-fashioned mahogany sofa, she with her handkerchief thrown over her face.  When the fatal flash came the husband and daughter were thrown forward to the floor and turned to reassure the mother as to their not being seriously hurt.  She was still sitting straight up on the sofa with the handkerchief over her face; they lifted the handkerchief  as they received no answer and found life extinct...There was only one small spot at the back of the neck.

                                                                                                --Elizabeth Pringle (1905)
Elizabeth Pringle

Who was Elizabeth Pringle?  Her family had owned 600 slaves before the Civil War, at which time they lost everything.   She eventually got back on her feet again without owning slaves.   What a lady!

In Cornwall, England, on this day, the annual Furry Dance is performed in the streets of Helston.  One of the oldest surviving springtime festivals in the world, the Furry honors the Celtic horned god in the guise of Robin Hood.  Stolen by the church, it became known as Flora Day, and now coincides with the feast of the Apparition of Saint Michael the Archangel, Helston's patron saint.  Bastards!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Obama from Hell? Was Trump right?

When Trump was citizen Trump, he blamed Obama of not being an American.   Other's, said Obama always smelled like sulfur, suggestion he was Satan.   Well, have you seen Obama's hometown lately?   Could it be?....   Trump was right!   

I'm just saying.